How Security Doors Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Ultra Stainless Security Doors
May 18, 2022

Adding Value to Your Home with Security Screens and Doors

Security doors and security screens are screening products and installations that have been developed and reinforced in some way. This could include multi-point locks, stronger metal screen infills, thicker interlocks, door jamb buildouts, and other features. They offer added security to a home at a cost that is only slightly higher than regular screening products.

Did you know that adding a new security screen door can also directly influence your home’s perceived value? Read on to learn about how security screens and doors can provide several advantages to your home’s worth — and your own peace of mind.

Deterring Burglars and Helping You Feel Safe

Feeling safe is paramount to living a happy, comfortable life here on the Gold Coast. Screen doors help achieve this goal for your family.

Secured doors and screens will deter any opportunistic burglars who may want to break into your home. This helps to create a feeling of safety whether you are at home or not. That sense of security is also something you can’t put a price tag on for your loved ones.

Getting a Stylish Look and a Secure Home

When you think of a security door, you may picture some heavy, gaudy door that’s an eyesore on your home’s appearance. Fortunately, the Gold Coast screen doors of today do it all with high-functioning security and a great look. These doors and screens have multiple options for a great look and feel to your home’s aesthetic.

Replacing your doors and screens can transform the look of your home. Several stylish options are available to fit your unique taste. And this improved overall look can add that kerb appeal, which helps increase your home’s value.

Feeling Comfortable and Safe Indoors

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cool breeze in the summertime and getting some fresh air into the house. Security screens placed on windows and doors make it easy to incorporate fresh air into your home.

These installations keep out the mozzies while maintaining a high level of home security. Comfortable, pest-free homes will certainly contribute to a higher value for your home.

Lowering Insurance Premiums

Protection and security do not just add value to your home — it can help you save money in many cases as well. Adding anti-theft measures like security doors on the Gold Coast may help you lower your insurance premiums.

This is great news for you right now. Down the road, a prospective homebuyer would likely be willing to pay more for a home that requires less cost for insurance as well.

Lowering Energy Costs

The use of Ultra Stainless steel mesh security screens on your home, not only provides an improvement on your home’s street appeal, it helps reduce the amount of heat from the Sun that enters your home, thus reducing your air-conditioning costs. Installing screens on your windows and glass doors can reduce the solar heat gain through those openings by up to 51%. Making your home cooler in summer and keeping energy bills down. Some great features to promote when it comes time to sell.

Scorpio Screens & Blinds: Quality You Can Trust

As you can see, installing security screens and doors provides a range of benefits for your home. You can feel safer and more comfortable with your family. And if you ever decide to sell, you will also enjoy a return on investment with an enhanced home value.

For the highest level of quality and craftsmanship, Scorpio Screens & Blinds is your source for the best. Founded in 1980, our company brings you 40 years of top-notch customer service and premium security screens and doors.

At Scorpio Screens & Blinds, we know how important security is for your family and businesses. This is why we pride ourselves on offering only the highest standard of safety, quality, and service.

We work only with the best brands in every product we offer:

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  • Zipscreen

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