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When you’re looking for a timeless classic window dressing which combines sophisticated beauty with practicality, longevity and great value for money, vertical blinds are the obvious choice. This elegant design never goes out of style, and is extremely easy to personalise to suit your own tastes and needs.

Scorpio Screens & Blinds is now offering a wide range of vertical blinds in Queensland’s Gold Coast, providing you with the perfect solution for your home or business.

Why Vertical Blinds are the Right Choice

Available in a wide array of fabric colours

Vertical Blinds are the ideal solution for Queensland residential and commercial properties. They provide you with shade from the intense Australian sun, keeping your room cool, protecting your furnishings and preserving your comfort at all times of day. They are also ideal for all your privacy needs, enabling you to see out without letting anyone outside see into your room.

Even better, our Vertical Blinds are available in a wide choice of different fabric colours and designs. You can create a truly customised solution for your home, choosing different colours and textures to match your room décor schemes, or opting for a stylish uniform look to bring cohesion to your home. If you choose Vertical Blinds for your commercial property, you can choose blinds which match your company colours, adding extra strength to your business branding and creating an extra-professional feel.

We also offer different weights of fabric to suit all your needs. You can choose a blockout fabric if you want complete protection from the sun – this is an ideal solution for bedrooms, which often need to be kept cool and dark. However, for the rest of the home, or for an office setting, a translucent fabric is ideal, as this still keeps you shaded and protects your privacy while allowing some daylight to filter through.

Gold Coast Vertical Blinds
Gold Coast Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds are Easy to Operate

Indoor Blinds that are easy to clean!

Vertical blinds are so versatile, as they can be fitted to windows and glass doors of all shapes and sizes. They are ideal for covering large areas as well as smaller spaces. Even if you have unusually-shaped windows, we can provide vertical blinds to accommodate your needs, thanks to our innovative sloping blinds.

We also offer a choice of four different operating systems to suit your needs. You can choose from:

  • Stable in Windy Conditions – Chained operation offers stability, especially where the blinds are situated in windy conditions.
  • A Streamlined Appearance – This style provides a clean, streamlined appearance, and is also safer for children and pets as there are no chains involved.
  • Bottom Weighted – Weights are sewn into the bottom of the fabric to provide smoother closure and an unruffled appearance.

Vertical Blinds are Strong & Durable

Won’t fade and will resist mould build up

Another great advantage of vertical blinds is that they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Many of the fabrics we use are mould-resistant and have a special coating which repels dust. Whenever you do need to clean your blinds, this can easily be done with warm soapy water!

As you can expect from Scorpio, we only use materials and mechanisms of the very highest quality. This results in vertical blinds which are strong, durable and long-lasting – they won’t fade and they will continue to protect you from the Queensland sun for many years.

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Learn More About our Vertical Blinds

If you are a home or business owner based in Queensland’s Gold Coast, and you would like to find out more about the various vertical blind solutions we offer, please contact our Blinds Team.

We have been manufacturing and installing vertical blinds in the Gold Coast for 40 years, so we are ideally placed to understand your needs. Our specialist team will be happy to arrange a consultation for you!


Scorpio Screens & Blinds was founded in 1980 by Cameron and Glenis Wood, and the company has grown considerably during that time. To this day Cameron and Glenis are still involved in the company along with their sons. So when you do business with Scorpio Screens & Blinds – you do business with a 2 generation family business. We pride ourselves on the local community and local businesses.

What I imagined to be an overwhelming task was made simple! Thank you for your advice on both style and colour for my home. I am so happy with the outcome. Great service, product and price. Thank you!

Tenille Jarvis

Frequently Asked Questions About our Gold Coast Vertical Blinds

Where are the Vertical Blinds made?
Our Vertical Blinds are made on the Gold Coast. We have owned and operated our manufacturing factory since 1980 and the company employs over 70 local staff.
What are the child safety requirements on Vertical Blinds?

There are laws in place to protect children from accidental injury on blind & curtain chains. Any chain or cord hanging lower than 1600mm from the floor must be restrained so a child’s head cannot fit through any loop formed. We cannot install blinds in a manner that contravenes the law even if the owner of the residence requests an exception.

Do you charge a fee for a consultation?

Scorpio offers a no-obligation free measure and quotation. So book a consultation with us today – we’re happy to visit your home or provide you with a video-conference virtual consultation.