Retractable & Folding
Arm Awnings



The outdoor areas of your property are ideal for enjoying fresh air and sunlight. But sometimes the Queensland climate can become too intense, causing too much heat and glare. Now you can solve these problems, thanks to retractable and folding arm awnings from Scorpio Screens & Blinds!

We have been manufacturing and installing retractable and Folding Arm Awnings for Gold Coast homes and businesses for 40 years, so we understand the exact solutions you need. Our awnings are designed to meet the demands of the Queensland climate, offering you protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, keeping your property cool and comfortable, and ensuring you can get maximum use from your outdoor space all year round.

Great for Large Outdoor Spaces

Retractable Awnings can adjust to your needs

Retractable and folding arm awnings are ideal for a wide variety of properties. They are particularly suitable for large outdoor spaces, as they can cover areas up to 7 metres wide. This makes them the perfect choice for patios, terraces and commercial al fresco dining experiences.

We manufacture two different styles of retractable and Folding Arm Awnings to suit your needs:

  • Semi cassette – These clever awnings can be mounted under the eaves of your property or on the ceiling. The fabric rolls up neatly when the awning is not in use, providing an unobtrusive appearance. This neat mechanism also ensures your awning is protected from weather-related conditions such as damp and mould, making sure that your awning will last as long as possible.
  • Full cassette – Full cassette awnings are ideal for large outdoor areas such as pool sides and terraces, as well as commercial applications. The innovative design enables you to choose the amount of shade your property receives at any time, so you can always provide an appropriate solution for the weather conditions. When not in use, the awning fabric is enclosed completely in the cassette, giving it full protection from the weather. The cassette is discreetly mounted on the wall, providing a streamlined, barely noticeable appearance.

Both styles of awning are also easy to customise. They are made from a durable, lightweight fabric which is available in a wide range of colours. You can choose to coordinate with your property or provide a colourful contrast, stamping your individuality onto the outdoor areas of your home.

Easy to Operate Awnings 

Motorised or Manual Operation

If you are a business owner, we can provide retractable and Folding Arm Awnings in your company colours, helping you to create a totally professional image and ensuring your business branding stays in the minds of your customers.

We offer a choice of two different operation methods for our awnings. If you want a more traditional solution, you can choose crank handle operation. This is extremely easy and quiet, enabling you to react quickly to changing weather conditions.

However, for a truly smart, future-proof solution, you can choose to have your awnings motorised. This means they can be operated at the touch of a single button. They’re also compatible with smart home software, enabling you to operate your awnings from your smartphone or tablet. If the weather changes when you’re not there, you can still operate your awnings to protect your property.

You also have the option of including sun and wind sensors, so your awnings will react automatically to the weather conditions.

Folding Arm Awning Styles

Awning styles to suit your needs

  • Rollease Acmeda’s KLIP traditional style awning features a vertical design best suited for open style wall applications, offering up to 4m projections. Manually operated or motorized options available.
  • PIUMA by Rollease Acmeda is an open style versatile awning, ideal for medium sized applications, achieving up to 7m span and 3m projections. Our European design and made Piuma awning features tensioned and spring loaded double stainless steel cable arms which are PVC coated for added protection against corrosion. Manual or motorized system.
  • With a manual or motorised option, the KUMO by Rollease Acmeda’s awning boasts a smooth round fully enclosed cassette that contains very few components, making it easy to assemble and install.

We Can Help!

Find out more about Retractable and Folding Arm Awnings

We are proud to supply retractable and Folding Arm Awnings to homes and businesses in Queensland’s Gold Coast, Brisbane and in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

If you would like to know more, or to arrange a consultation, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.


Scorpio Screens & Blinds was founded in 1980 by Cameron and Glenis Wood, and the company has grown considerably during that time. To this day Cameron and Glenis are still involved in the company along with their sons. So when you do business with Scorpio Screens & Blinds – you do business with a 2 generation family business. We pride ourselves on the local community and local businesses.

We found Scorpio Screens & Blinds to be very professional from quote through to installation. There were a few hiccups with wrong measurements and damage to one security screen. We understand that these things happen, but it is how they dealt with these situations and fixed them in a timely and professional manner that impressed us the most. Highly recommended for security screens/fly screens & gorgeous plantation shutters.

Caitlin Rosenboom

Frequently Asked Questions About our Gold Coast Retractable & Folding Arm Awnings

What is a Folding Arm Awning?
Folding Arm Awnings offers great sun protection over large areas. When not required, the arms retract the fabric back onto the roller and out of the way. Available as standard, Semi Cassette or Full Cassette which conceals the mechanism inside headbox when retracted. … These will extend the awning when sunny.
How do Folding Arm Awnings work?

Retractable awnings rely on a spring-loaded folding arm to keep the fabric tight. The real work is when you go to retract the awning. It is much harder on you (manually operated) or the motor to retract the awning due to the internal arm springs you are now stretching.

Are Folding Arm Awnings easy to use?

Folding Arm Retractable Awnings are very easy to use. You can deploy or retract the shade manually by using a conveniently located crank handle or winder.

You can also choose to motorise the awning, allowing you to simply push a button to raise or lowerit.

With a motorised awning, you can even fit rain and wind sensors, which will detect the weather conditions and automatically lower or raise the awning.

Why choose a Folding Arm Awning?

Homeowners can use these retractable awnings to create great entertainment spaces that give their family and guests access to the fresh air of the outdoors, while protecting them from harsh weather.

Folding Arm Awnings can create a shaded space that is completely unobstructed by permanent posts or beams.

For businesses like restaurants and retail outlets, this shaded outdoor space is perfect for adding a functional space for merchandise display, tables and chairs that increase patronage and boost profits.