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Australian life is all about enjoying the outdoors. But sometimes the weather conditions can get in the way. Now, thanks to Scorpio Screens & Blinds, home and business owners in Queensland’s Gold Coast can enjoy the outdoor areas of their properties at all times!

The Benefits of Straight Drop Blinds

Adapt to weather conditions instantly with these Outdoor Blinds

Our straight drop blinds, sometimes known as straight drop awnings, are specifically designed for the outside areas of your home or commercial property. They enable you to react to the weather conditions instantly, transforming your patio or deck into a comfortable, usable area all year round.

Straight drop blinds can also improve conditions inside your property, as they are also ideal for shielding window from the intense Queensland sun. This offers great value for money, helping you to save on the cost of heating and cooling your property.

Straight Drop Blinds Gold Coast
Wire Guide Awnings Gold Coast

Reduce Glare on Large Surface

Straight Drop Blinds are ideal for large patios

In addition, straight drop awnings help to reduce glare, and enable you to control the amount of sunlight entering your property both inside and out. All your everyday tasks instantly become easier and more comfortable!

For business owners, straight drop blinds can help you increase your success by enabling your customers to enjoy the outdoor areas of your premises. This is highly valuable for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and many other commercial ventures with usable outside space.

Even if your outdoor space is particularly large, this is no problem! Our straight drop blinds are capable of covering areas of up to 5.5 metres in width, ideal for large patios and poolside areas.

A Wide Range of Straight Drop Awnings

A Choice of Operating Systems

At Scorpio Screens & Blinds, we pride ourselves on offering a range of Straight Drop Blinds to suit the needs of all our Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers customers. You can choose from a choice of operating systems:


  • Gearbox operated – These blinds have a crank handle, so there is no need for cords, making them a safer option for families with children or pets.
  • Wire guide – The blinds move up and down on extra-strong stainless steel wires. They offer smooth, quiet operation and a streamlined appearance.
  • Channel guide – These highly versatile blinds have a spring-loaded bottom bar, so the blind can be locked into any position you choose. You can change the height of your blinds to allow different amounts of sunlight in as weather conditions change.
  • Veue Drop Awnings – Clip or strap for fixing to the floor options and are suitable for a variety of external shade applications – sliding windows and doorways, undercover areas or outdoor cafés.
    Straightdrop Blinds Gold Coast by Scorpio

    Strong Waterproof Fabrics to Withstand QLD’s Climate

    Your customisation options don’t stop with the operating system! All of our straight drop blinds are available in a choice of strong, weatherproof fabrics including acrylic and PVC mesh.

    We offer a wide choice of different colours so you can truly stamp your own personality onto the outdoor areas of your home or reflect your business branding if you are choosing outdoor blinds for a commercial property.

    As you can expect from Scorpio, we only ever use the highest quality fabrics which are capable of withstanding the demands of the Queensland climate. Our straight drop blinds are strong, durable and built to last for many years into the future.


    Scorpio Screens & Blinds was founded in 1980 by Cameron and Glenis Wood, and the company has grown considerably during that time. To this day Cameron and Glenis are still involved in the company along with their sons. So when you do business with Scorpio Screens & Blinds – you do business with a 2 generation family business. We pride ourselves on the local community and local businesses.

    Fantastic service! Brett did a wonderful job and the security door looks real slick ! Will be using this company again in the future 🙂

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    Frequently Asked Questions About our Gold Coast Straight Drop Blinds

    What's new and popular with Straight Drop Blinds these days?
    The latest Veue Wire Guide system by Rollease Acmeda, one of Australia’s largest blind system designers, offers a significant update in styling – elevating the Wire Guide into a modern looking version of the traditional straight drop blind. As Queensland’s premier partner for the Veue series, our customers have access to the same contemporary square cassette box of the popular Zipscreen Outdoor Blind.
    Why choose Scorpio Screens & Blinds?

    We have been manufacturing and installing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor window furnishings since 1980. We’re a family-run business now in its second generation, and we’re proud to be at the heart of the Gold Coast community. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a great understanding of what our Queensland customers want from blinds, awnings and much more!

    We’re dedicated to providing a tailored service for each customer, and we always find solutions which are attractive, long-lasting, and offer great value for money.

    If you would like to find out more about our straight drop awnings, please contact us. Our team are here to discuss your requirements, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation for you.

    What characterises Outdoor Blinds?

    High quality and well-designed blinds allow you to extend your indoors outdoors and help you to make the most of your space. Your outdoors can become a space protected from the weather, added security and a stylish addition to your home. Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution to optimise and enhance any home.

    Are Outdoor Blinds waterproof?

    Outdoor blinds are usually not 100 per cent waterproof. However, depending on the material and the quality and weave of the fabric, outdoor blinds can be quite water-resistant. For external weather protection, one does not usually require outdoor blinds to be totally water resistant.

    How do you keep Outdoor Shades from blowing in the wind?

    Choose a cable, wire or channel guide or Veue Drop for control and the ability to lock into any position you choose.

    Will Outdoor Blinds increase the value of my home?

    As the social dynamic leans further and further toward environmentally friendly and power savvy home solutions, blinds are the savvy choice for home improvement.

    Research of the Australian home buyers’ market suggests financial investment to enhance the aesthetic and functionality of your home can increase the selling price by as much as 12%!