How Security Screens Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Security Screens

If you want to increase your business or home’s security while saving money on your energy bill, consider installing security doors. They’re a great way to block intruders from getting into your home and are an excellent safety measure to install if you have kids or pets in the house. In addition, they give you an extra layer of protection against elements like wind and rain and lower your energy bills in the following ways.

1. Block Heat Build-up or Transfer

Did you know that heat can build up from the sun hitting your doors or windows, and it heats up your home during the hot summer months? Security screens will block the heat and UV rays to keep your family safer. Also, blocking UV rays will help prevent furnishing and floor degradation so they last longer. These screens can also help reduce the wind to keep your home warmer in the winter months.

2. Passive Ventilation and Cooling

During the warmer months, you want to open your doors and windows to allow air to flow in and out of your home, so you’re not driving up your energy bills with the air conditioner. Security doors will enable you to have your main door open to allow the breeze through while keeping your home secure, and they can absorb the light and UV rays to keep your home cooler. They also block insects from getting into the house, so you can open your living space without getting annoyed by mosquitoes, flies, and pests.

3. Protect Your Home from the Elements

In the event of cyclones or bushfires, security doors can offer much more protection than you may think. Many of these screens underwent rigorous testing to meet the highest standards regarding bushfire protection. They offer ember protection and reduce the intensity of the naked flame and radiant heat reflux. If you live in an area prone to cyclones, these screens can help protect your home from wind gusts and storm-driven debris.

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4. Regulate the Temperature All Year Round

Security screens and doors allow you to save energy by regulating indoor temperature all year round. In addition, they provide an extra layer of home insulation that keeps cool air inside when it’s hot and reduces heat loss during the cooler winter months. This is especially useful if you live in an area prone to large temperature fluctuations, helping to keep you comfortable without running the heat or air conditioner.

5. Protect Against Extreme Weather Events

Security doors in the Gold Coast add a durable protective barrier between your home and extreme weather events, like cyclones with high winds and flying debris. If the temperature drops or rises during these weather events, your security screens or doors will also help prevent the interior temperature from dropping or rising significantly. The same goes for the heat generated by bushfires. Many security doors come rated to resist fire damage and radiant heat.

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