When conventional outdoor blinds or awnings just aren’t what you’re looking for, Zipscreen can be the answer.

Strong and durable with simple, smooth operation and a highly stylish appearance, Zipscreen provides a complete outdoor shading system. Here at Scorpio Screens & Blinds, we are proud to supply Zipscreen products in Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Zipscreen Blinds Gold Coast

Modern Outdoor Blinds Made for Australia’s Climate

Zipscreen is an innovative outdoor shading system which has been a huge favourite with Gold Coast home and business owners for 30 years.

It uses special patented zLOCK technology with integrated zips. These zips guide the blinds, offering smooth, seamless operation and a beautiful clean appearance.

Zipscreen blinds, like all products sold by Scorpio, are designed and made right here in Australia, with our unique climate challenges in mind.

They are ideal for protecting your property from the intense Queensland sun, providing shade for all the outdoor areas of your property and keeping you cool, even on the hottest days in summer.

Zipscreen Blinds Gold Coast

Beautiful & Robust Outdoor Blinds

Waterproof & Glare Repellent Outdoor Blinds

In addition, Zipscreen blinds are glare-repellent, so whether you’re working or relaxing, you can get the most out of every day. They also help to keep you comfortable in winter, as they are waterproof and wind repellent, so you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round!

Zipscreen blinds also remove the need for unsightly insect screens, as they are highly effective at repelling insects. They’re perfect for enjoying the Australian lifestyle to the full.

Stylish Outdoor Blinds

Suited to hotels, cafes, offices & homes

One of the main advantages of Zipscreen outdoor blinds is that they are capable of shading even the largest outdoor areas.

The standard Zipscreen system is available in widths of up to 5.8 metres, so it is ideal for properties with large patios, terraces or poolside areas.

For extra-large properties, there is Zipscreen Extreme, which can cover areas of up to 7 metres wide. This is a more robust system with stronger hardware to accommodate the larger area.

The Zipscreen Extreme system is popular with owners of luxury homes as well as Gold Coast businesses such as cafes, restaurants and hotels – the large area is ideal for al fresco dining experiences.

Zipscreen Gold Coast Blinds

Customisable to your Outdoor Setting

Made to measure in a vast array of colours

Whatever your outdoor shading needs, Zipscreen blinds can easily be customised to accommodate the exact dimensions of your property. We can do this for you here at Scorpio, providing you with a tailored system unique to your home or business.

In addition, you can have complete control over the appearance of your Zipscreen blinds. They are made from a strong, durable fabric which is available in black, white and a range of stylish neutral shades, to suit both traditional and modern properties.

However, if you want a more colourful appearance, or you would prefer your blinds to reflect your company branding, Zipscreen blinds can be customised in any colour of your choosing! They offer the perfect way to put your own stamp onto the outdoor areas of your property.

Designer Outdoor Blinds

Designed to suit your residential or commercial decor

Zipscreens are an ideal solution for enclosing Queensland Pergolas, Al Fresco & outdoor entertaining areas offering privacy and sun protection.

They come in a wide range of standard colours and can be custom powder-coated to suit any external environment.

Other Zipscreen features include:

  • Side retention system to keep fabric secure in channels
  • Choice of open or enclosed roller
  • Sleek and contemporary square cassette box
  • Clean, architectural look.
Zipscreens Gold Coast

Why Choose Scorpio for your Zipscreen Blinds?

Scorpio Screens & Blinds has been operating in Queensland’s Gold Coast for 40 years. As a local, family-run business, we understand the needs of our customers and we can provide custom solutions which are ideal for Gold Coast homes and businesses. We only offer products which are of the very highest quality, ensuring you end up with a solution which is strong, stylish, long-lasting and great value for money.

We have been selling Zipscreen products for many years, and we can take care of all your customisation needs right here in our Gold Coast factory.

If you would like more information about Zipscreen outdoor blinds, please contact us. Our team will be happy to discuss your needs.


Scorpio Screens & Blinds was founded in 1980 by Cameron and Glenis Wood, and the company has grown considerably during that time. To this day Cameron and Glenis are still involved in the company along with their sons. So when you do business with Scorpio Screens & Blinds – you do business with a 2 generation family business. We pride ourselves on the local community and local businesses.

Bought remote control blinds from Scorpio Screens 12 months ago – great quality and have had no problem with them. The service was great – they worked around my schedule to ensure I wasn’t put out. They arrived on time and installed them in a timely manner. Have recommended them to family and friends who have all had great experiences.

Caillan Brennan

Frequently Asked Questions About our Gold Coast Zipscreens

How do Zipscreen Blinds work?
The Zipscreen is a well-designed and engineered system of hardware and fabric that fully encloses an opening. A spline is welded to each side of the fabric, which is wrapped around an aluminium top tube that can be covered by a modern square box cassette. At each side of the blind is an inner and outer channel that attaches to a post or wall, which the fabric slides down and is captured within the channel. A powder coated bottom rail is also attached to the fabric curtain and can be fitted with a bumper strip or fabric flap for larger gaps and on uneven surfaces. An integrated feeding funnel and hidden top stop ensure the fabric remains held in the channels.
Can Zipscreen Blinds stop strong winds?

Zipscreen Blinds are wind resistant, however they are not designed to stop strong winds. It is recommended that the blinds be raised during strong winds or storms as they can damage your blind.

Can you see through Zipscreen Blinds?

With Zipscreen Blinds, you have the choice of 1% openness mesh, 5% openness mesh or PVC. All mesh options allow you to see through the Zipscreen, however 1% openness mesh has a tighter weave, which will block out more view, sunlight, wind and rain. 5% openness mesh is the most popular option. PVC is completely see-through, but does need frequent cleaning.