Top 5 Reasons to Install a Security Door

Ultra Stainless Security Door For Your Family
June 17, 2022

Security screens are one of the most beneficial additions you can make to your home. They’re also one of the easiest. Security screen doors on the Gold Coast can be installed by a professional in next to no time and will provide the five benefits below:

Improve security

As you’ve probably gathered from the name, security screens are a quick and easy way to improve the security of your property. Generally crafted from metal and mesh, they tend to be far stronger than a standard flyscreen door, and they also provide an extra barrier between the outside world and your home.

Not only does this help keep those with ill intentions out, but it also makes answering the door a far safer activity for you and your family as you’re not forced to immediately be face to face with someone like you would be if all you had was a standard timber entry door.

Make your home healthier

Another benefit of installing security screen doors on the Gold Coast is that they can help to make your home a healthier environment. This is because security screens allow much more natural light to enter your home while also providing a useful tool for improving airflow. This is greatly beneficial, as sunlight carries natural antibacterial properties. Thanks to these properties, allowing more light into your home by opening your blinds and your heavy timber front entry door can help improve your family’s health.

Improving airflow is also of particular importance in humid climates such as the Gold Coast, and security screens are incredibly useful in the replenishment of fresh air within your home and reducing the incidence of mold growth. Low air quality can lead to many health complications, and one of the easiest ways to improve the quality of the air within your home is to regularly replace it with fresh air from outside. Having a security screen door allows you to do this without having to worry about insects or other ‘baddies’ entering your home.

Enjoy a more comfortable living space

Being able to open your home and air it out doesn’t just have health benefits; it can also make your home a more comfortable environment overall.

For example, lingering scents from the kids’ runners or the family dog coming inside from the rain will dissipate far quicker if you’re able to air the room out. By the same token, if your garden smells beautiful in summer and spring, keeping the front door open (but security screen closed) can allow these smells to act as natural air fresheners.

Plus, homes that feel ‘fresh’ also tend to be perceived as cleaner, and people feel more comfortable in a clean environment.

Increase the value of your home

Those looking to sell their home in the future or build equity in their property will be pleased to know that the installation of screen doors can be an easy way to increase the value of their home. Even an upgrade from diamond grille screens to Ultra Stainless steel mesh security screens makes a huge impact on the visual aesthetic of their home. This means they’ll get a better price on auction day or have more usable funds if they’re looking to renovate or purchase a second home with their equity.

Hinged Security Screen
Hinged Security Screen in Gold Coast

Boost privacy

Finally, Gold Coast screen doors also enhance the level of privacy that you will enjoy within your space. Many modern doors have large glass panels designed to provide an element of interest. While this certainly works well in terms of being able to see who’s at the door (and it looks great), it can leave a lot to be desired in terms of being able to move freely within your home during the day without having to worry about the outside world seeing in. The good news is that the installation of a security screen is a simple solution to this issue.

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