Zipscreen Blinds



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Zipscreen are custom-built to suit your Gold Coast home, shop or office

  • Zipscreens are coastal approved and manufactured with high-grade aluminium parts.
  • Zipscreen are come in manual, motorised or smart home configurations.
  • Increased energy efficiency. Zipscreen is dedicated to keeping you in the perfect climate from summer to winter all year round.
  • Zipscreen are designed and tested in Australia.
  • Zipscreen are custom-designed to fit any residential or commercial installation.

Experience the Zipscreen difference

Bringing indoor entertaining outdoors

More room for living and entertaining – all year round Zipscreen gives you privacy and year-round protection as well as keeping you safe from the elements and insects. Enhance your living space and create an outdoor haven.

Experience true relaxation and comfortable entertainment without the time-consuming stress and cost of traditional renovations.

Colour options: White, Classic Cream, Monument, Woodland Grey, Black, Natural Anodized or ask our experienced staff about creating a custom blind.


Zipscreen is the ultimate blind solution 


Privacy and protection all year round, Zipscreen keeps you shielded from the elements and insects, regardless of the season. Whether it be an alfresco, pergola, veranda, or balcony, Zipscreen is the perfect addition for any outdoor entertaining area.

Also ideal for home and office windows, it serves as a sleek, secure, and durable alternative to traditional awnings & outdoor roller shutters. Your custom-designed system can be made in widths up to 5.8 metres or an impressive 7 metres with Zipscreen Extreme, offering you an external solution to fit almost any area.

Zipscreen Gold Coast
Zipscreen shading solutions


Trusted by thousands, our signature no-gap finish, ensures the perfect seal and complete protection. Zipscreen shields against wind, rain, sun and insects, without sacrificing your view, or privacy.

Why choose Scorpio Screens & Blinds for your Zipscreen design and installation?

We have been selling Zipscreen products for many years, and we can take care of all your customisation needs right here in our Gold Coast factory.

We only offer products which are of the very highest quality, ensuring you end up with a solution which is strong, stylish, long-lasting and great value for money.


Scorpio Screens & Blinds was founded in 1980 by Cameron and Glenis Wood, and the company has grown considerably during that time. To this day Cameron and Glenis are still involved in the company along with their sons. So when you do business with Scorpio Screens & Blinds – you do business with a 2 generation family business. We pride ourselves on the local community and local businesses.

Very happy with the service, quality and the price. We had a back sliding screen door installed. They smashed every quote we had gotten prior to using them. Strongly recommend getting a quote from Scorpio. Will be using them in the future.

Gareth Fraser | Gold Coast, Australia

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Zipscreen as a break against heavy winds?

External blinds are not designed to endure heavy winds. We recommend blinds to be drawn and secured during heavy winds and storms. Consult your Zipscreen supplier for further details.

What colours are available?

There are six standard colours available for the fittings: pure white, classic cream, natural anodised, black, woodland grey, and monument. The hardware can also be custom colour-matched to suit your existing outdoor decor. The shade cloth that blinds are made from is sold separately, so for a complete fabric selection please consult your supplier.

Can Zipscreen be used if the area is out of square?

Zipscreen features a unique side adjustment which can help mitigate installation issues in unaligned/out of square areas. Contact your closest Zipscreen supplier for their measure and quote service.

Why use an external sunshade?

External shade blinds create a comfortable outdoor area in any season, whether you want to stay cool on hot summer days, trap the heat in the cooler months, or simply create a barrier to protect you from insects and inclement weather. Importantly, these all-weather blinds help minimise your reliance on heating and cooling by helping maintain a comfortable temperature in the sectioned off area. This means that you can reduce your energy consumption whilst helping the environment.